"the shite" e​.​p.

by tunnelmental experimental assembly

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this is currently the only place to get this e.p. its kinda like a pre-release. if you blog, blog about it, if you have a radio show play it, if you can get it out to anyone so they listen to it, please do….thank you. we are currently getting remixes ready. more info at www.tunnelmental.com

what is “the shite” ?
Well, it could be from Japanese masked traditional 14th Century Noh Theatre.
“Shite” - the leading character. Depending on the play, the “shite” may act as a holy old man, a deity, a demon, a spirit or a living man.
His movements express various moods.

It also could be said that I am drawing comparisons between that traditional theatre and todays politicians, who all seem to be many masks on the same face.

It also could mean that we think we are (in urban slang) the “shite” or the best, as in bad meaning good.

It could also mean that we really couldn’t give a shiny “shite” meaning we don’t care what politicians or self proclaimed elitist leaders think.

It probably means a bit of all those things.

I know it means a lot to us, we are very happy to have recorded these four songs and are ready to show the world “the shite” e.p.


released 03 March 2014



all rights reserved


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