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from the album ¿teatime?


Can you help me, I don’t think so, can I think who’s left to trust
Paranoia, paranormal self reliance is a must
Caught in limbo lost control, no emotion no more soul
Ask no questions hear no lies, cut my ego down to size
Driving nowhere lost direction, can’t decide which way to turn
Standing proud of my survival, I can’t read the books I’ve burnt
Read the big book, didn’t like it, tried to read the book of lies
Saw a sad man desperation with the demons in his eyes
I feel lonely when you’re near me, there’s a sadness in your eyes
I see nothing all around me; all alone I hear your cries
Help you fight your inner battle, then I start to realize
Going down is going nowhere, going up I’ve got to rise
Getting stronger on my own, looking upward to the skies
I see beauty all around me, cut that devil down to size
Cut that devil down to size, cut that devil down to size


released December 10, 2009



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tunnelmental experimental assembly Los Angeles, California

tunnelmental are Derek Pippert and Nigel R Mitchell, we love creating music, so we do. We also do remixes for others. Our studio is in Los Angeles. Someone said we are punktronica if you really need a genre.

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