1. shine and remixes e.p.

  2. state and remixes e.p.

  3. For Gaia (celestial floating)
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  4. For Gaia (luminous floating)
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  5. Ipecac for the Beast
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  6. Allone (shadow work mix)
    tunnelmental (early daze)

  7. The Mothership (take that ride)
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  8. twisting statistics (perception deception)
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  9. Resistance is Fertile
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  10. tear the walls down

  11. Resonance E.P.
    tunnelmental (early daze)

  12. like this

  13. shedding the program (my god) E.P.
    Nigel of tunnelmental

  14. Middle (Uncle Frank Remix)


  16. Shooting from the lip. ALBUM

  17. waiting here for you. ALBUM

  18. t.e.a. dance vol:1. ALBUM

  19. say unity. ALBUM

  20. allegiance (Tony Byker Remix)

  21. Is God A Liar?

  22. friction burns

  23. Allegiance

  24. A packet of crisps

  25. my atoms

  26. we can featuring Joy

  27. nectar is red

  28. try to understand

  29. peace is the path

  30. Middle

  31. Halo

  32. Human Racing

  33. Falling Up (featuring funkcutter of anarchistwood)

  34. the strangers voice

  35. eternal flow

  36. Can I be Mankind

  37. Artificial Intelligence

  38. barely holding on (9 theory remix)

  39. barely holding on (dubplate) feat. Chuck Askerneese of The Untouchables

  40. barely holding on

  41. awake me (mental mix)

  42. awake me

  43. suspended cityscape
    digital skunk vs tunnelmental

  44. awake me (digital skunk) remix

  45. advertising junkie (it's a trap)

  46. shite and the remixes. E.P.

  47. "sting" a single and remixes

  48. "defending the dreamers" (Radio Riddler Dubplate)

  49. defending the dreamers

  50. "defending the dreamers" (wahrheit und freiheit in der stadt gottes mischen)

  51. dub city 1 (stow fest mix 2012)

  52. trial (rotten mix)

  53. killing time (¿teatime? album version)

  54. "killing time" (deadneck dub mix)

  55. "money, oil and tears"

  56. allone

  57. "kiss man kind e.p."

  58. "terrorisk" demo

  59. liberatia

  60. the preacher

  61. border station


tunnelmental Los Angeles, California

tunnelmental are Derek Pippert and Nigel R Mitchell, we love creating music, so we do. We also do remixes for others. Our studio is in Los Angeles. Someone said we are punktronica if you really need a genre.

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