from the album ¿teatime? a true story...


The Preacher

The committed are dedicated to commitment and dedication,
The devout are sincere in their sincere devotion.
Here’s to nothing from a no one you will never know.
Tremendous potential to succeed at everything I care to try.
Ignore the ignorant, deplore the decadent,
Pretend to be pretentious, content to be contentious.
Arranging my arrogance in stupendous stupidity.
Perceiving my perception, confusing confusion with enlightened illusion,
Lucid lucidity, defensive derision.
Drowning in a sea of material possession,
The video plays repeats of commercial vision.
Blind ambition leads me to the place where I pray
For committal to your holy houses.
Shrouded in mystery, the misery creeps into my open mouth
And sticks in my gullet.
Like a swan choking on fishing line I gracefully descend
Into the murky pond scum known as mankind.
Though where humanity adopted the word kind I’ve no idea.
I drift and drift on the raft of death into the warm waters of Valhalla.
Deluding the demons of life that seek retribution
For another apathetic soul.
I gaze at the squalor I leave behind,
The garbage trucks wake me, once more
Unto the breach dear friends, once more.
I get ready for work; my servile existence makes me puke.

The preacher gave a sermon from the trashcans on the street.
I swear that no one listened when he talked about the heat.
Hell was all around him but he never missed a beat.
His words became the wisdom as the blood ran from his feet.
He spoke of cars and topless bars
The brave unwashed and the shining stars
I thought his mind was burnt with scars, then I closed my eyes.
Subconscious breakdown taken back,
The voice I’m hearing starts to crack, they said that he’d be coming back,
I knew he’d be ignored. Rise and meet your maker answers must be found,
Seek and you shall find them your heart will start to pound,
The voice is loud with in you but you cannot hear a sound,
The earth will cry out to you we walk on hallowed ground.

He spoke of cars and topless bars
The brave unwashed and the shining stars
I thought his mind was burnt with scars
Then I closed my eyes subconscious breakdown taken back
The voice I’m hearing starts to crack
They said that he’d be coming back
I knew he’d be ignored.


released December 10, 2009



all rights reserved


tunnelmental experimental assembly Los Angeles, California

tunnelmental are Derek Pippert and Nigel R Mitchell, we love creating music, so we do. We also do remixes for others. Our studio is in Los Angeles. Someone said we are punktronica if you really need a genre.

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